My love of the Rebozo started in my training to become a Doula. It quickly became apparent that not only was a Rebozo very difficult to obtain in the UK, but also demonstrational DVD’s which are only available in Australia or the USA were also hard to find. This meant heavy import taxes and charges apply and not always compatible with our DVD players!

I eventually found a way to purchase real Rebozos’ from the mountain villages of Mexico and Guatamala where they are used daily. These are Fair Trade goods and in my opinion the way forward.

I spent a lot of time practising and using it for Active Labour. Finally a course arrived with a wonderful fertility practitioner who used it in her practice of Sacred Womb Massage, I attended with great enthusiasm. My love affair deepened again and I began using it with my own healing practice of Reiki. The style of wrapping has a deeply transformative effect when used alongside each other.

I have developed all sorts of tips and tricks and it led to Doulas and Midwives asking me to put on workshops and creating my own DVD, which will be released very soon!

The Rebozo is a truly wonderful experience for woman, mother and baby, which I would love to share with you.



£65 for a full day of training in rebozo techniques. This includes a concise manual to take home and refer to all through your birth


My workshops are for Doulas, Midwives, Birth Partners and Healers.

Due to the nature of our work we are often 'on call' - Don't worry if you are, you won't lose your money!

Simply rebook a workshop, or sell your ticket on. Dates will be added throughout the year.

My workshops are currently happening at various locations in Europe and in the UK.

If you would like to book a workshop or have any questions please email or call 07775440515.