In Memory of...

In Memory of...

The loss of a child can only be felt

No experience in life prepares you for this belt

Sunshine turns to rain, Storming, Chaotic pain

Ebbing and flowing, high tide, low tide -

White horses charged 'til you land on gentler shores.

Little baby will abide by Jesus side,

His angelic wings learning to glide,

Taking flight, spinning, loop the loop - cock a hoop!

In those far off nursery planes he'll live, be loved and grow,

Bouncing around like Tigger with a snigger!

In the gentle breeze of the whispering leaves, may you hear him there

In warmth of the sunshine, may you feel him surround you

In the rose, may you see unconditional love

In your hearts, may you all always be together with Love and In Peace - Until you meet Again x

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