Lisa-Jane made me feel amazingly calm and focused, she will truly never know how much she helped me in my pregnancy and postnatally.

Her wisdom,kind nature coupled with her caring, softly spoken voice made me feel like I could do anything.

We covered at great length my fears, anxieties, hopes and everything inbetween. It made going into the unknown feel easier and I felt I could get on with being and becoming a mother.

Lisa-Jane was very in tune with my thought processes and with her great people skills knew how and when to advise and support me - even with my off days!

We even called Lisa-Jane back to help with weaning and I again was able to move forward confidently.

I will be hiring Lisa-Jane for my next birth. If you would like to have the most caring, informative, happy, reassuring, positive experience then call Lisa-Jane!

Family Merewhether

New Maldon, Surrey.


Lisa-Jane has a very caring and sensitive nature.

When we first met I had a very narrow vision of how I wanted my second labour to be - an elective c-section and to bottle feed along with fears of getting post natal depression.

Lisa-Jane helped me realise every pregnancy and birth is different. This really helped me reduce my fears of getting PND.

We spoke about drugs and effects in labour, positioning, breathing and so much more which helped me feel confident to plan natural birth with little intervention and I achieved it!

I even breastfed which I am really pleased with and NO PND either, infact I never gave it a thought!

During a post natal visit Lisa-Jane noticed my baby had tongue tie and promptly showed me the best way to get a good latch. She also advised on nutritional diet whilst breastfeeding.

Lisa-Jane has a fantastic knowledge of pregnancy,birth and motherhood. Her attitude is so uplifting and it and it really helped me to enjoy having my baby.

I felt I had built up such a good rapport with Lisa-Jane and was able to approach her again when I began experiencing difficulties with my sons behaviour. We talked about diet and behaviour triggers and now have a healthy eating routine with no addititves, coourants or MSG's. Harvey has engaged beautifully helps with meal planning and sometimes cooks alongside me. The school have noticed a big change in his behaviour and attitude all round. This has changed my life!

I am so grateful to Lisa-Jane for all the help with my son and the care for me and my baby.

Lisa-Jane is a fantastic doula and and when I have another baby I will jump at the chance to have her again.

Every mum needs a Lisa-Jane!!

Family Edwards-Hodson

Cranbrook, Kent.



We had just moved down from London and our whole house was being renovated when pre - eclampsia set in at 36 weeks. I went to hospital and my twin sons were delivered by emergency c-section.

One of my friends had hired a doula to help with her twins and had a great experience, I rang Lisa-Jane and then met at my home. I was instantly comfortable and felt there was nothing I wouldn't talk to her about. The support a doula can provide is not found in any other role and can be flexible according to the mother, children or situation.

Lisa-Jane made a huge difference in such a short space of time. She's very knowledgeable, warm and friendly. She brought an aura of calm and confidence with her, she was incredibly empathetic and had fantastic ideas to make our individual experience as parents special.

Family Taylor-Matthews

Brighton, East Sussex.



I have babies - Lyra and Ezra born 24th of June - absolutely beautiful and perfect if a little overwhelming at times! Both babies feeding well and their big sister is getting to know them. Thank you for your support on my pregnancy/birthing journey - I did feel it all helped me to stay as true to myself as I could - and will help me to continue to doing that in the future! 


Kings Langley, Herts.



I found my first labour so traumatic that I did the normal, I'm never doing that again! What I didn't expect was the ten years of flashbacks..... Taking me straight back to the delivery room. I'm sure the room isn't anywhere near as vast as it is in my head, but it just highlights how alone & scared I felt while I was going through it. You can imagine how I felt when I found out I was pregnant again.... My second labour (2 years after my first) was induced, but was text book. I thought this would help with how I felt about labour... It did a little as it made me realise that not all births are the same, but it certainly didn't stop my flashbacks & definitely didn't make me want to ever go through labour again!!

I have recently had a debrief of my first labour with Lisa Jane, we discussed everything! Although I don't plan to have anymore children, I have gone from never, ever, ever wanting to be pregnant again to feeling as though if I did fall pregnant, that I could not only handle it, but that it could be a really positive experience (I almost want to try it and see!!). I haven't had any flashbacks since then either! 

My only wish is that I had known Lisa Jane during my first pregnancy!! If she has helped me now, ten years later, I can only imagine how much she could have helped me during labour & the time that has passed since! 

Lisa Jane, I've had tears streaming while writing this! But don't fret, they're tears of relief that I can finally put this behind me & get on with enjoying my lovely family. Thank you so very much xxx


Staines, Surrey



I decided to book a doula for my second child's birth.  I had met with a few different doulas and had chosen Lisa-Jane but when I went into labour at just 36 weeks I had not yet firmed up the booking.  Being pretty far advanced (and thinking that she was busy with a delivery at the time), I realised that I would have to continue without the support of a doula.

I was very keen to have my placenta encapsulated but that was another thing I had not yet arranged.  At 9cm dilated, not knowing how to make contact with a placenta person, I decided to phone Lisa-Jane and ask for her help.  Sure enough, she contacted Caroline, a placenta specialist (also a doula), who came to the hospital in person, dropped off a cool bag and then returned a few hours later to collect the placenta.

Following my son's birth, Lisa-Jane was in regular contact and visited me at home, giving me the opportunity to talk through my birth experience, even though she was never booked to be my doula. 

Both Lisa-Jane and Caroline have been extremely caring and supportive and demonstrated to me that being a birth doula is truly a vocation: they are available night and day to support and nurture women before, during and after childbirth.


Celia, Shoreham-by-Sea


George and I want to Thank you very much indeed for all the care, love, kindness and attention you gave us in the days leading up to Williams arrival. We are so grateful to you for staying with us for so many days and nights in a row - feeding us and keeping us calm and me re-assured and confortable.

It has been a great honor to meet you and have you help create our birth space. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


E-J and George, London SE25


I would have been completely hosed without Lisa-Jane.  I had a looooooong labour, and ended up in two different wards.  Consequently, I was cared for by a veritable parade of midwives and eventually doctors.  If I had had to keep filling them in on all the details that are not on the chart myself... well, I wouldn't have been able to do it.  Fortunately I had Lisa-Jane to act as gatekeeper so I could concentrate on weathering my contractions and opening my body up.  She was full of techniques and ideas for helping my labour along.  We were such rookies and it was absolutely essential to have such a knowledgable warrior on our team.  I shudder to think if I had tried to go it alone.  Just in general, she's a warm, funny person, and it takes about five seconds to feel comfortable with her.  (I'm drawn to extroverts)  My labour was full of ups and downs and she helped me through every moment.  She was also able to support my husband, who is not particularly comfortable in medical environments, to be the best birth partner he could be.

Dr. Hannah Ballou, Westminster, London.