A doula 'mothers the mother' and time and experience shows, as Pam England a prominent midwife, doula and author states: 'mothers are bombarded with birth technology and taken away from their instinctual selves. True birth preparation is an inner journey from the heart and soul. Birthing is done with the body not in your head.'

As mothers we need support at different stages in an ever evolving role, coming together exploring the motherhood journey helps you feel prepared, strengthens and empowers you in your role both as mother and as a woman.

So I am now bringing you Mamma Birth Art  - a space where pregnant mothers

come together for 2hrs fortnightly, sharing tea, fruit and cake exploring their motherhood journey through relaxation and creativity using a variety of art media such as pastels, clay or painting in a home

from home setting with other like minded mums to be.

Mamma Birth Art takes you on a journey of inner exploration and expectation of

pregnancy, labour and birth, connecting you to your inner wisdom and deepening

your connection with baby. By exploring your emotions through creativity we can

explore any fears or anxieties you may feel might hinder your passage to


And by doing this in a group we can explore these feelings together in a fun and

relaxed manner whilst gaining good friends along the way. 

The sessions are £10.00 each and a minimum of three will need to be booked.

If you prefer, one to one or couple only sessions can be arranged. 



It was suggested by mothers who attended the Mamma Birth Art that post birth they still wanted a group to come to and so Mother Hens was born. I extended the service to new mums so we could explore through art, the issues faced by new mums in a non-judgemental, relaxed and informative manner. 

I welcome all mothers, new and old to the wonderful world of Mother Hens. A warm and comfortable environment and group for YOU to express and discuss should you wish, your hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties about motherhood or simply come along and listen in a beautiful space which is a calm and non judgemental environment where mothers join together as the fabulous women that we are!



Here are some testimonials from my first Mamma Birth Art group who have gone on to Mother Hens as they didn't want to stop just because they had given birth...

" As a single mother who has her own business, I found Lisa-Jane's Mamma Birth Art gave me a great deal of confidence. Her calm and warm approach really relaxed me and made me feel like I wanted to hear more. I was slightly skeptical about the course as it's not something I am used to doing in terms of talking openly about emotions (and wanting to) or the creative art part.
The first session brought back a lot of guilt, sadness and deep joy, by the second, I now felt like a new woman. 
I would recommend the course to any mother or mother to inspiring course and teacher"


"Informative, Supportive and Transformative!"

"I am a working mum of two and I never realised how much I would love and embrace a Mamma Birth Art group until now. It gave me time to myself without being a mum or a partner and time to relax and think about my feelings for a change. It has helped me release some of the guilt I had with my first experience of pregnancy and also the gift it is to have a baby.

I have never felt so supported as I did in this group. Everyone who attended had their own birth story and fears to overcome along with sharing their beauty of motherhood.
Lisa-Jane has an extremely calming and nurturing approach and it feels like a safe place to unravel some deep feelings. 
I really enjoyed using the clay as it's not usually something I would express my feelings with. 
Mamma Birth Art is something I would recommend to every mother and expectant mother. It was a very powerful and joyful experience. 
It's lovely to feel empowered and strong.
I hope I can attend more of Lisa-Jane's Mamma Birth Art because I really enjoyed them."



"Mamma Birth Art helped me understand myself in a mothers role."



"Mamma Birth Art helped me understand some of my actions and thoughts that I hadn't realised meant anything which has encouraged my positivity towards being a parent and has given me a new strength."









I recommend the course to any mother or mother to be

Informative, Supportive and Transformative!

I have never felt so supported

It helped me understand myself in a mothers role

I really enjoyed using the clay

I would recommend to every mother and expectant mother

It was a very powerful and joyful experience

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt