ANTENATAL CLASSES - Conscious Birthing


Antenatal classes at your local hospital or NCT can be great for meeting other parents-to-be, but they don’t always provide the specific in-depth information and personal preparation which most parents-to-be want. As doulas, we are unfortunately quite used to hearing parents say that the classes they attended felt quite brief and rushed, leaving them anxious and unprepared for labour and for looking after their newborn.


Birchtree Mammas Antenatal courses are very different. I run this course along with my good friend and fellow doula, Gemma Edwards, of Birchtree Beginnings. Gemma has been supporting parents for many years, including as an antenatal teacher and postnatal doula. She is blind, and has a special interest in working with visually impaired parents. Together we decided to pool our knowledge and experience, creating Birchtree Mammas courses, to provide couples with really comprehensive preparation for birth and the early days with their new arrival.


Available for small groups and individual couples, our 12-hour course will enable you to explore the emotional aspects of the upcoming birth and parenthood, as well as equipping you with information and new skills to help you feel confident in your plans for labour and baby-care  In our classes, flip-charts are banned! There will be plenty of hands-on practice, from acupressure for labour, to breastfeeding, nappy changing and trying out slings and carriers. We will show you the birth pool and you can get in and splash about if you want to! There is lots of time and space to ask questions and explore your personal priorities.


The Schedule includes:


Set in a relaxed cosy home in an intimate setting with a maximum of 3 couples

Full information on birth options for labour

Comfort measures for labour and pain relief options

Medical routines and interventions

Active labour, Acupressure, Homeopathy

Birth balls, massage in labour and using the Mexican Rebozo

Caesarean and natural birth caesarean

Water birth - try out our birth pool!

Preparing your birth supplies/labour bag

Role of partners

Breastfeeding basics, baby soothing tips and tricks

Changing and bathing your baby

Choosing and using slings and carriers

Sleep safety and co-sleeping

Guaranteed no flip charts or humiliating ice - breakers!

Comprehensive folder covering all that we've shared with you

Sunday Funday for mums, dads & birth partners - saving precious holiday for when baby is born!


For more information or to check for monthly dates for our courses, please feel free to get in touch - 07775 440515

How you approach birth is intimately connected with how you approach life.

William Sears

We found Lisa and Gemma's approach in teaching their knowledge of child birth and all things baby related really inspiring, in depth, memorable and practical. 

During the women only session I took away with me knowledge of childbirth I hadn't previously known, put across in such a way that it has stayed with me completely. Their creative use of factual information and spiritual ideals really appealed to me and my inner self! 

For the Mummy & Daddy session, my partner found learning about how deep his role in labour and birth can be particularly interesting and reassuring, knowing he can have an active, helpful and important part to play in how our baby is born has really inspired confidence in him. Plus the pointer cards he can keep handy for when all else fails! :)

We are planning a home birth and this course has put to bed any possible worry or fear we may have had, discussed in detail the pro's & con's and have come away feeling completely at ease with our decision.  

Most importantly we feel we can enter into the next phase of pregnancy with confidence, feeling prepared for labour and birth, knowing we can work together calmly and peacefully to bring our baby into the world. 

We are immensely grateful to Lisa & Gemma for giving us the opportunity to learn from them and to come away feeling   totally informed, relaxed about birth and excited to meet our little bundle! 


Sam and JP,




We wanted to firstly thank you for having us and making us feel so welcome.

We found everything about the course very useful and certainly found out some things we did not know. Talking through the stages of labour including the third stage in great depth has prepared us more.

For me the direction on breast feeding and having someone to be able to answer my questions was really useful.

The Sunday was definitely more enjoyable I enjoyed having Ollie there alongside me and we both liked doing the hands on stuff... The birth positions and massage especially and we do plan to use them.

I loved being able to get a feel of the birth pool and has made me want to use it during my birth if possible.

Ollie was thankful to everyone, especially you, for being so understanding and accommodating around his anxiousness.

We liked that it was set in a homely environment and there was only one other couple.

All the resources you gave us have been great and the folder very handy to be able to take to the hospital and refer to.

Overall the course was interesting, relevant and fun!

I would definitely recommend it and it has most certainly made us feel more prepared.

Thanks again!

Amy and Ollie,

Cranbrook, Kent